Pulse Hair Academy Raises Funds for Invisible Children

Paul Mitchell’s Pulse Hair Academy recently conducted a fundraising event to benefit the Invisible Children and help spread awareness of the nonprofit organization’s cause. The group was behind the video that tackled Joseph Kony and his crimes against humanity.

Invisible Children hopes that celebrities and policy makers take notice of their campaign to stop Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army. The LRA is no longer active in Uganda but it is still roaming around in Sudan and the Republic of Congo.

Sharon Proscobia, a young resident of Uganda, said that she had witnessed the atrocities of the Lord’s Resistance Army. She said that the LRA did destroy properties, abducted children, and killed people during its reign of terror in Uganda.

Proscobia added that while she was in the United States, she saw children having dreams. This is the opposite of what she and her friends experienced in Uganda, where all they had was fear. She’s thankful to Invisible Children for the scholarship given to her. She is set to graduate in January.

Heather Sahagian, sales leader at Pulse Academy, said that this is the third year that the school partnered with Invisible Children for a fundraising event. Recently, the group has been criticized on how it spent the money it received. The co-founders gave out an explanation on how the money is divded into three parts.