Regulators Crack Down on Illegal Online Pain Pill Sellers

North Dakota regulators are cracking down on online pharmacies that sell painkillers to residents even without a valid prescription. The transactions are illegal according to state laws. The North Dakota Board of Pharmacy has already taken action against three out-of-state online pharmacies for illegally selling tramadol to residents.

The three internet pharmacies agreed to stop selling prescription drugs to North Dakota residents and paid fines according to Howard Anderson, executive director of the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy. The North Dakota Board of Medical Examiners is also probing out-of-state physicians who have prescribed tramadol to residents even without a state medical license.

Tramadol is used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. It is sold under various brand names, such as Conzip, Ryzolt, and Ultram. It has some addictive potential. In the body, it breaks down into morphine-like substance but is not a controlled substance according to federal law.

The drug should be prescribed after an actual examination of the patient. The physician should also monitor the patient after prescribing the pain killer. If an overdose occurs, it can lead to difficulty in breathing, unconsciousness, extreme drowsiness, coma or seizure. A probe is being conducted by the medical examiners board to find cases where online pharmacies have sold tramadol to people in North Dakota.