Survey Shows Majority of Kentuckians Live with Pain

According to a new research, majority of Kentuckians suffer from pain but they underestimate its severity or the need for treatment. The survey was made by the American Osteopathic Association.

It found out that at least three of every five people in Kentucky believe that pain is just part of life and two in every five don’t know that it can be eased with proper treatment. Because of these misconceptions, they tend to ignore or mistreat their pain, which led to more pain.

The AOA survey showed that 84 percent of Kentuckians said that they or someone they care for have experienced pain in the past month. It is not just in Kentucky that people suffer from pain. 76 million Americans in the United States suffer from pain each day. IT is more than people suffering from diabetes, cancer, and heart disease combined.

There is a need to educate people about chronic pain and the treatments available for them. The AOA launched the Break Through Your Pain campaign in Kentucky. The organization hopes to provide people suffering with pain with knowledge and resources they need to manage their pain.

One in three believes that they can’t afford pain treatment. Half of those who were surveyed believe that prescription pain medications are addictive. Two in five believe that medication have side effects worse than the pain they have. These are the myths that AOA wants to break.